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  • A Brief Introduction to the German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd is also called the Alsatian and is a breed of dog that is very intelligent as well as agile and is ideally suited for performing activities in a working environment. One will find this breed of dog being used in police work, guarding as well as search and rescue and in the military. The German Shepherd Dog is also a very good guide dog and is a loyal and loving pet that enjoys living with families and loves children as well as other animals.

    Find A Good Breeder

    The German Shepherd is an ideal animal that can be well trained and is very obedient and are often seen herding sheep on farms. If one is looking to get one you can check out the various German Shepherd breeders that raise these wonderful animals and there are many world beating dams and sires that breed world class puppies that are on sale and one need only check out the particulars of the puppy before deciding on which one is best suited for his lifestyle. There are young adult females as well as males and world class litters as also older puppies for sale at the breeders and they also help in importing males and pregnant females, if so desired.

    German Shepherd puppies can also be bought from breeders and in this regard one should look out for certain common faults such as ears not standing up completely and such puppies are known as friendly-tipped dogs. One may also check to see whether the tail of the puppy stands vertically as this is not a good sign in a puppy, especially if one is thinking of entering the dog into a competitive show.

    Good German Shepherd care is essential as this type of dog should not become overweight and thus it should be fed a nutritious diet that helps in keeping its weight stable. One should also ascertain the various health problems that this type of dog would encounter such as Willebrand’s disease, glaucoma, torsion, cataracts, calcium gout and more. Also, one should brush the dog twice daily as this breed is known to shed year-round and one may also bathe it once in a while and as it does not require special training, this may even be done at home. One may also require trimming its nails regularly such as every two weeks as this will prevent problems with its feet.

    German Shepherd training is fun as they are great to train, and for this there are photo techniques available as it is not a good idea to do too much of physical training, especially in the case of puppies that are not strong enough till they reach the age of 12 to 18 months. This breed adapts to all kinds of training and is very intelligent and more importantly, wishes to please its master. It can be trained to use its mouth as a tool instead of as a weapon and they can be trained to carry things as well as open doors. However, each dog is unique and can learn from training in different ways but can be trained to crawl, back up as well as learn to track.

    Learning about the German Shepherd before buying one or getting one from a German Shepherd Rescue or adoption centre, would be very helpful as it would help select one that is versatile, intelligent and loyal. These are some of the most common traits associated with many of the German Shepherd types. This breed is known for a good temperament and its intelligence makes it stand out from the rest. Also, when learning about the German Shepherd, one would find them to be affable as well as easy-going as they have a strong protective instinct when provoked.


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    German Shepherd Picture

    German Shepherd Picture

    German Shepherd Picture

    German Shepherd Picture

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